I am happy to share a bit of insight into how my office works. Rideau-Vanier is a very busy ward.

Thankfully my staff – Stephane, Erin, Michelle and Emily (who will be leaving on maternity leave mid-November) – each do their part, so nothing gets missed.

We are a small but hardworking team, and each individual plays an important role. Depending on the issue, planning file or city concern the team tackles it -but here are some specific files and areas of work they cover:

Erin Woods

Erin started in the office in January 2019 and has been an integral part of keeping community connections alive and heard. There is rarely a moment where Erin isn’t helping a resident, reaching out to Ottawa Community Housing, bylaw services or OC Transpo to follow up on a concern or complaint.

“Since the start, I have enjoyed learning more every day about each of our three vibrant communities. It’s a busy office, but I love the challenges it offers me daily.”

If you have a question for Erin email her at erin.woods@ottawa.ca

Emily Jordan

Emily has been with me since 2016. Of all the files Emily handles – Infrastructure, legislation, construction and environment – cycling infrastructure is a passion and one which makes her proud. An avid cyclist herself (even at eight months pregnant!) Emily has worked tirelessly to ensure cycling infrastructure, safety and advocacy is top of mind.

“Since my time here, I am happy cycling has improved, working with residents and the city to advocate for safer cycling.”

If you have a question for Emily email her at emily.jordan@ottawa.ca

Michelle Nash Baker

Michelle started this past September and will be replacing Emily while she is on maternity leave. Many may remember Michelle as our local community reporter, and she is excited to follow along on files she wrote about over the years.

“I have covered the Rideau-Vanier ward since I started at Ottawa East News in 2010. It has been exciting learning how things work on this side of the story, and I am looking forward to once again helping the community.”

If you have a question for Michelle email her at michelle.nash@ottawa.ca

Stéphane Galipeau

Stephane, who began working in the office in 2012, wears many different hats for us – from office management, communications, parks, sports and recreation, as well as handling business relations in the ward.

“I never tire of working with the councillor to help residents of Rideau-Vanier. There is never a dull moment in this office.

If you have a question for Stéphane email him at stephane.galipeau@ottawa.ca