I am happy to share a bit of insight into how my team at City Hall works. 

Rideau-Vanier is a bustling ward. Thankfully, my team members– Stephane, Erin, Michelle, Charles-Albert, and Emily– are just as active and caring as I am. They help connect and advance projects on behalf of residents, community organizations, and businesses for our community.

We are a small but hardworking team; each individual plays an important role. We are proud to represent the heart (communities) of Canada’s Capital. Depending on concerns, the team tackles it! Here are the areas the team members focus on:

Charles-Albert Asselin

Charles-Albert was born and raised in Ottawa and is a proud Franco-Ontarian. He completed his B.Comm at Toronto’s Ryerson University, specializing in service management and innovation. Now a happy (and tired!) father of a newborn, Charles supports Team Mathieu Fleury by leading the City infrastructure and City construction investments. He also works with residents and City staff concerning neighbourhood traffic calming and transit services. He also manages our special projects, social media, communications and analytics. 

“I’m excited to be supporting the residents and businesses in our community that I have personal ties to—it’s where I got my first job as a teenager and where I recently got married,” 

If you have a question for Charles-Albert, email him at Charles-Albert.Asselin@ottawa.ca

Erin Woods

Erin was born and raised in Burlington, Ontario and came to Ottawa and the Rideau-Vanier Ward to Study Political Science at the University of Ottawa. As part of Team Fleury, Erin is an integral part of keeping community connections alive and heard. There is rarely a moment where Erin isn’t helping a resident, working with community groups or reaching out to Ottawa Community Housing to follow up on an idea, concern, or complaint.

“Since the start, I have enjoyed learning more every day about each of our three vibrant communities. It’s a busy office, but I love interacting with the community and our residents and the challenges it offers me daily.”

If you have a question for Erin, you can email her at erin.woods@ottawa.ca.

Emily Jordan (currently on maternity leave)

Emily leads on infrastructure, legislation, city construction and environment. Emily grew up in Brockville and moved to Ottawa in 2011. She is currently on maternity leave with her first child. Cycling infrastructure is a passion of hers. As an avid cyclist, even when eight months pregnant, Emily works tirelessly to ensure cycling infrastructure, safety, and advocacy are top of mind.

“I am happy that cycling infrastructure has improved since I began this job. I continue to enjoy working with residents and the City to advocate for safer cycling.”

If you have a question for Emily, email her at emily.jordan@ottawa.ca.

Michelle Nash

Michelle is our team leads on planning and legislative items. 

Michelle grew up in the country outside of the GTA before moving to Toronto to attend University. Michelle moved to Ottawa in 2010. She honed her skills as a journalist for more than 10 years in this City (Many may remember Michelle as our local community news reporter.) 

Besides writing, Michelle has a passion for heritage, protecting the City’s urban tree canopy and shaping appropriate development in our community. 

“I have covered the Rideau-Vanier ward since I started at Ottawa East News in 2010. It has been exciting learning how things work on this side of the story, and I love once again helping the community.”

If you have a question for Michelle, email her at michelle.nash@ottawa.ca.

Stéphane Galipeau

Stephane began working with our team in 2012. 

Stéphane, who grew up in eastern Ontario in the small village of St-Isidore, is married and a proud father of two little children. Stéphane is always on the go, and he likes to stay active. When he’s not at the office, you can find Stéphane at a hockey rink, a baseball field or on a volley-ball court. 

He wears many different hats for us in the office – from office management, communication and media relations, parks, sports and recreation, francophone affairs, and coordinating business liaison.

“There is never a dull moment in this office. I am proud to work on a team that gets excited to advance solutions and is passionate about our community.”

If you have a question for Stéphane, email him at stephane.galipeau@ottawa.ca