The first public consultation for Riverain Park was held at the Rideau Sports Centre on July 17th. Thank you to everyone who participated.

Residents are very passionate about this beautiful park and this fact was exemplified through this well-attended event. Councillor King attended the consultation to represent the interests of Rideau-Rockcliffe as well.

Riverain Park is accessible to many more residents now thanks to the Adawe Crossing. Vanier, Sandy Hill and Overbrook residents all have easy access to this park.

The July 17th event was an open opportunity to share suggestions for the park. Popular suggestions for the park included new installations such as work out equipment, a skatepark, a splash pad, and additional waste receptables. There was a great interest in improving the play structures, improving the lighting and working with the NCC to fix the current flooding issues. Lastly, resident would love to see the multi-use pathways in Riverain Park winter-maintained.

The initial design plan will be released this fall and following that there will be a second public consultation. Follow us on social media for exact timing. We expect the revitalization of Riverain Park to begin in the summer of 2020.

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