Traffic along Vanier streets will slow down thanks to a new traffic calming plan.

This new traffic calming plan is the direct result of the ongoing work with my office, community input and city staff.

I am pleased to share these new traffic safety measures for Vanier, north of Montreal Road. The plan includes a combination of painted curb extensions – or bulb-outs- and guideposts (delineators) to slow down traffic.

The route planned includes Dagmar Ave. from Alice St to Hannah St. and Laval St. from Charlevoix St. to Marier Ave.

Along Barette Street, from Charlevoix Street to Marier Avenue, and along Genest Street, from Loyer Street to Marier Avenue, will see new flex stakes added to the centre of the road.

From Kipp Street to Marier Ave, Carillon Street will see cycle-zone delineators and flex stakes added to slow down traffic.

Charlevoix Street and St. Charles Street, from Beechwood Avenue to Landry Street, will also see the addition of flex stakes and cycle-zone delineators.

St Ambroise Street, from Alice Street to Landry Street and Loyer Street, from Barrette Street to Laval Street, will have SLOW/LENT pavement markings.

In addition to these new measures, the Montreal Road Revitalization team began monitoring traffic throughout their construction site and collected community feedback.

The Montreal Road Revitalization team will analyse this data.

Traffic calming measures aim to reduce vehicle speeding to increase safety for all road users, be it cyclists, pedestrians or drivers.

Measures can include operational changes such as the implementation of a stop sign, posted speed limit reduction, seasonal measures such as flex stakes and engineering measures such as speed bumps.

I encourage you to report any traffic calming concerns to my office at or 613-580-2482

Please contact the Ottawa Police Service at 613-236-1222 extension 7300 or file a report online at for any requests concerning speeding enforcement or any reports of unsafe drivers.

Please report any traffic concerns related to the Montreal Road Revitalization project to