In case you did not know, I am a sport guy! I grew up in Ottawa playing sports and participating in many different sporting events.

I was that kid in school who didn’t want to sit and do arts and craft, but who could spend hours playing ball hockey, kicking a soccer ball or playing in the pool. On winter nights my mom couldn’t get me back in the house because I was having too much fun at the outdoor rink.

It is serendipitous that years later the sport community, which gave me so much, now calls on me to give back by being the voice for sport in Ottawa. The sport community in Ottawa is strong.  It is based on volunteer coaches who are passionate about their sport and parents who volunteer their time to support their child in having fun and excelling in their sport.

A few years ago I challenged myself to discover the true sport community of Ottawa, by successfully completing a challenge of 52 sports with 52 different sport clubs in our city. My assumptions were confirmed – young or old, summer or winter, individual or team – Ottawa sport clubs are present in every part of our city.

Local sports clubs have a voice through the Ottawa Sport Council and sporting events have a voice through Ottawa Tourism. My role is to work with both to ensure coordination. The coordination is meant to enable our sport clubs to host more local, provincial and national events and ensure that our local clubs can continue to grow and allow Ottawa athletes to compete and achieve their highest level of performance.

I am glad to help facilitate this important collaboration between sport clubs, pro-sporting organizations, and the City (including Ottawa Tourism). I will strive to continue to build Ottawa as an inclusive sport city.