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Vision for transportation in Rideau-Vanier


Ottawa, September 15, 2014 – Today, Mathieu Fleury, Candidate seeking re-election in Rideau-Vanier, took part in a public debate in Lowertown on the topic of transportation in the communities of Lowertown, Sandy Hill and Vanier.

“My vision for the future of transportation includes connected communities through integrated networks of bike paths, walkable sidewalks, efficient roadways and reliable public transit that bring us together,” said Mathieu Fleury. “Over the last four years, we have started to put the wheels in motion towards achieving this vision and our work continues: We must keep Rideau-Vanier moving forward.”

Key Highlights

Active Transportation Networks

Since 2012, the City has invested $340 million through the Ottawa on the Move program, which includes projects for cycling infrastructure, sidewalks, asphalt and road renewal. These projects allowed us to maximize transportation choices while making mobility a priority in advance of LRT and Canada’s 150th anniversary in 2017.

  • As a result, in 2013 there were 340 kilometres of City cycling routes across Ottawa (not counting NCC pathways).

But our work continues: we must continue to:

  • Expand our pedestrian and cycling networks into residential, commercial and employment areas throughout our community to ensure that we can travel safely and efficiently;
  • Widen sidewalks throughout our community to give priority to pedestrians;
  • Seeito the implementation of the Landscaping Plan which calls for an almost entire pedestrian ByWard Market;
  • And bury parking lots underground in the ByWard Market and creating expanded pedestrian areas on York and William Streets; fostering “user-friendly” sidewalks and undertaking a “people space approach”.


This is an exciting time for our city as it sees significant changes to its transportation infrastructure. The Light Rail Transit (LRT) will revitalize our urban core and provide efficient and reliable transit options across Ottawa.

  • We want to ensure that future LRT stations connections to pedestrian and cycling facilities as seamless and possible. This new train system will give us the opportunity to reclaim space on the surface from buses and use it for cycling lanes, walkable communities, sidewalks and offer better transit service.
  • Local community routes must be connected to the LRT system and that we see a full integration of STO passengers into our LRT system.

We want to continue to work together to streamline transit services and work towards implementing solutions.


For years, our downtown core has been burdened with the interprovincial truck route. Sensing that a new viable and realist option was needed after the fall-out of the bridge option, I approached the Province of Ontario to help fund a truck tunnel study. There is no need to wait around for the results of the study. We must act now.

  • We have started to work with the Province on the funding, design and construction of this tunnel.
  • We want to revive what King Edward Avenue once was: a community street that connects our Lowertown West and East neighbourhoods.
  • In the meantime, we have worked with the community to resolve short term issues on King Edward Avenue, but a long term solution is necessary to make any improvements last. The truck tunnel is that solution and we look forward finally riding our community of large transport trucks once and for all.



Mathieu Fleury was born and raised in Ottawa. He attended Francojeunesse Elementary Public School and Franco-Cité Catholic High School before graduating at the University of Ottawa where he earned both his Master’s (Sports Management) and Bachelor’s (Human Kinetics) degrees.

Mathieu has a diverse background in sports, project management, and health promotion. Prior to becoming City Councillor for Rideau-Vanier in 2010, he worked at Lowertown Pool and Plant Recreation Centre serving the public as a lifeguard supervisor, advanced swimming instructor, as well as a camp and aquatic program coordinator. In addition to his 10 years of front-line experience at the local level, Mathieu was also an intern for the Minister of State for Sport where he was involved in sports policy at the federal level.

Mathieu has seen first-hand the benefits of community engagement. Having been involved with various community organizations such as the Sandy Hill Minor Hockey Association, le Patro d’Ottawa, the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation and volunteering for various national and local sports organizations, he understands that in order to achieve meaningful results and solutions, we need to listen, engage in dialogue, and collaborate with others.

Over the past three years, Mathieu and his team have built strong relationships with the community by working directly with residents to effectively address issues and concerns. As a result of these combined efforts, some major initiatives were implemented (see Accomplishments), in addition to tighter regulations on noise, property standards and the removal of residential conversions. The Sandy Hill Town and Gown was also formed as a result of stakeholder discussions to find a working solution to create a better community dynamic between university students and residents. Furthermore, Mathieu has supported the Confederation Line-Light Rail Transit Project, Complete Streets Policy, and the Laurier Segregated Cycling Lanes.

Mathieu also understands that policy decisions must take into account the perspectives of all people and ages. For example, he worked on the Older Adult Plan, a forward thinking and coordinated approach to get more benches and shelters at bus stops and in parks and making city infrastructure more accessible. He has also supported different senior resources including the Pauline Charron Centre.  As the representative for one of the most diverse wards in the city, Mathieu has also worked on the Immigration Portal, supported the expansion of the Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health, and Jer’s Vision to name a few.

Besides his role as City Councillor, Mathieu also has a passion for working with youth and children. He currently sits as a Board Member for the Ottawa Children’s Wish Foundation, was co-chair for the 2012 United Way Ottawa Campaign, and also the Chair to the Mayor’s First Youth Summit. With his background in sports and through community partnerships, Mathieu helped launched the Ottawa Sports Council in 2013 where he currently sits as a Director on the Board.

It is through these initiatives, community efforts and involvement that Mathieu will continue to actively work hard to improve and beautify the heart of our nation’s capital: the Rideau-Vanier ward. He will continue to build on the very strong foundations of our urban communities (Lowertown, Sandy Hill, and Vanier) while responding to concerns in a balance and effective approach.

Since arriving at City Hall, Mathieu and his team have maintained an office that is accessible, open, and transparent. He understands his role as City Councillor and will continue to be a community leader and builder by listening and engaging in dialogue with residents of Rideau-Vanier that lead to good decision-making with meaningful results.



  • “The ByWard Market is our home and has now been for 33 years. We have seen so many wonderful positive changes.”

    Grant Hooker – Owner, BeaverTails Canada Inc.

  • “Since Mathieu has become a City Councillor, everybody knows us. Our homework club – how it’s running and how it’s working. Before Mathieu, nobody knew us.”

    Ruweida Shire -Coordinator, Strathcona Heights Homework Club

  • Mathieu en 3 mots: « Jeune. Dynamique. Visionnaire. »

    Larry Rousseau – Résident

  • “Mathieu Fleury supports local businesses and entrepreneurs in our community as he understands the importance and value of fostering relationships between residents and businesses in Rideau-Vanier.”

    Harley Finkelstein – Chief Platform Officer, Shopify





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